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Taurus bicycles

Taurus Italian bicycles are the result of craftsmanship handed down over over 100 years of history.
Since 1908 we have been producing quality bicycles, making passion and commitment the cornerstone of a century-long success. The attention to detail designed and made with skill and the quality of the materials used are the main characteristics that distinguish Taurus Italian bicycles.
Customizable in every detail as per the authentic Made in Italy style and made with the utmost care, our bicycles are unique creations designed to satisfy those who make beauty and attention to detail the foundations of their lifestyle.

Italian Taurus bicycles are made with steel frames, through the brazing technique which joins tubes and joints, solidifying the two pieces in an indissoluble manner. Steel has always been considered the reference material for the construction of frames given its characteristics of resistance and elasticity to impacts. All our frames are handmade, one by one, by excellent craftsmen who dedicate all the necessary time and all their experience to creating excellent quality products.

An evident quality not only from the point of view of the components, but also of the clean and essential aesthetics of the lines and details, which make the Italian Taurus bicycles recognizable among thousands.