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Ready for Delivery Graziella Folding Blue 5004

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The Graziella folding bicycle is an ideal option for getting around the city in a comfortable and practical way, without sacrificing the beauty and sophistication of Italian design. This bicycle is distinguished by its Blue 5004 color scheme, which gives it a sleek and modern look.

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Thanks to its foldable structure, the Graziella is easy to store and transport, allowing you to move around the city with maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. Its sturdy steel frame makes it a reliable and durable choice over time, while its classic and refined design makes it a perfect choice for those seeking an elegant and easy-to-use bicycle. The foldable Graziella is equipped with a series of accessories that make it even more functional and practical, such as the rear rack and front basket, ideal for carrying your purchases easily and safely. Thanks to its easy folding capability, this bike is also ideal for those with limited space at home or in the office, allowing for practical and discreet storage. Choose the foldable Graziella if you are looking for an elegant and functional bicycle, ideal for moving around the city with style and comfort. With its Blue 5004 color and Italian design, this bike stands out for its beauty and practicality, offering a comfortable and safe ride in any situation. The bicycle features a steel frame with a folding hinge, an innovative solution that allows for compact storage when not in use. The 20" aluminum wheels make the bike agile and maneuverable, perfect for city commutes or outings. The dynamo lighting system on the bike illuminates the road without the need for batteries or external power sources. This system, which harnesses energy generated by pedaling, ensures greater autonomy and safety in all visibility conditions. The presence of an integrated rack makes the bike perfect for daily errands or cycling excursions, offering the convenience of carrying items and luggage in a comfortable and practical manner. The steel frame with folding hinge, the dynamo lighting system, and the integrated rack make this bike an innovative product, with functional design and high performance. Perfect for those seeking a versatile, practical, and easy-to-store bicycle, without sacrificing performance and the quality of materials used.

Technical details

Tyre 20 x 1,75
Wheel dimensions Ruote 20"
Circles Ruote 20"
Rays Stainless Steel
Fork Steel
Brakes Aluminium caliper
Hubs Steel
Knob Rubber
Saddle Polyurethane
Carter Steel Club
Easel Aluminium side
Pedals Aluminium with non-slip rubber
Height H40
Marches 1V
Colour Blue 5004
Material Jointed steel
Accessories Bell

Taurus bicycles

Taurus Italian bicycles are the result of craftsmanship handed down over more than 100 years of history. We have been producing quality bicycles since 1908, making passion and commitment the cornerstone of a 100-year success story. The attention to detail designed and crafted with skill and the quality of the materials used are the main features that distinguish Taurus Italian bicycles.
Customisable in every detail in true Made in Italy style and made with the utmost care, our bicycles are unique creations designed to satisfy those who make beauty and attention to detail the cornerstones of their lifestyle.

Taurus Italian bicycles are made with steel frames, through the braze welding technique that joins tubes and joints solidifying the two pieces in an indissoluble manner. Steel has always been considered the material of choice for making frames due to its characteristics of resistance and elasticity to impact.

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