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Ready Delivery Imperial Red Man

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Looking for a bicycle that provides comfort and performance at all times? The Taurus Imperial is just the thing for you! The lightweight and durable aluminum frame provides stability and maneuverability, making this bike ideal for both city and mountain rides.

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It's not just the structure that makes the Imperial bike perfect: it's equipped with a series of high-quality accessories, such as the padded and adjustable saddle, non-slip grip pedals, and ergonomic handlebars. The choice of size and color is completely customizable to meet your height and style needs. Additionally, bike assembly is simple and quick, thanks to the 90% pre-assembled shipping. Choose the Taurus Imperial for a safe, comfortable, and fun riding experience on any occasion: a high-performance bike that will allow you to tackle any route with maximum safety and comfort. This bike is characterized by a handcrafted frame with brazed joints, made with care and attention to ensure strength and durability over time. The racing-type handlebar stem, 28" larger tires, and Brooks leather handlebar grips and saddle give the bike a vintage and unique look, but without sacrificing modern performance. The bike is equipped with LED lights, ensuring maximum visibility even in low-light situations. This way, you can ride safely both day and night. The bike's design is meticulously crafted, with particular attention to finishes and materials used. Thanks to its sporty line and handcrafted frame, this bike is ideal for enthusiasts of bicycles with a unique and incomparable style, but who do not want to compromise on performance and quality. The combination of the handcrafted frame, larger tires, and high-quality components such as Brooks leather handlebar grips and saddle make this bike perfect for those seeking a high-end product that stands out for its refined and original aesthetic.

Technical details

Tyre 28" x2"
Wheel dimensions 28" wheels
Circles R polished anodised
Rays Stainless Steel
Fork Steel
Brakes Aluminium caliper
Hubs Alluminio/posteriore con cambio integrato
Knob Brooks
Saddle Brooks
Carter Aluminium strip
Easel Aluminium side
Pedals Aluminium back
Height 28 "H56
Marches 3V Integrato al mozzo
Colour Red
Material Jointed steel

Taurus bicycles

Taurus Italian bicycles are the result of craftsmanship handed down over more than 100 years of history. We have been producing quality bicycles since 1908, making passion and commitment the cornerstone of a 100-year success story. The attention to detail designed and crafted with skill and the quality of the materials used are the main features that distinguish Taurus Italian bicycles.
Customisable in every detail in true Made in Italy style and made with the utmost care, our bicycles are unique creations designed to satisfy those who make beauty and attention to detail the cornerstones of their lifestyle.

Taurus Italian bicycles are made with steel frames, through the braze welding technique that joins tubes and joints solidifying the two pieces in an indissoluble manner. Steel has always been considered the material of choice for making frames due to its characteristics of resistance and elasticity to impact.

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