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The rescue cycle: an innovative collaboration between Croce Azzurra Buscate and Taurus 1908.

Croce Azzurra Buscate and Taurus 1908 have joined forces to create a project that can make a difference: the rescue cycle. It is a special bicycle equipped with everything necessary to intervene in the event of a health emergency in those places where the ambulance cannot reach, such as cycle paths, parks, pedestrian areas.

The rescue cycle, inaugurated on Saturday 27 May 2023 in Nosate at the church of Santa Maria in Binda, was born from the desire of Croce Azzurra Buscate to be present in the region with an efficient and sustainable service, in line with the mission of Taurus 1908 : that of enhancing our territory and making it increasingly green.

Croce Azzurra Buscate has been active for thirty years in the 118 24/7 service, offering support at sporting events, emergency medical services and various secondary services including hospital discharges. To support this project there must be a perfect union of gears: passion, commitment and attention to detail.

Croce Azzurra Buscate and Taurus 1908 are working as best they can to achieve their objective, which is to guarantee the safety and well-being of citizens.