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The Taurus team participates in the Eroica

Eroica is a cycling competition created to rediscover the authentic roots of an extraordinary sport . Its origins lie in Gaiole in Chianti , Tuscany, but this event has now come to conquer several cities in Europe, South Africa, the USA and Japan. The Eroica, in its different declinations and formats, also goes beyond vintage to reaffirm the taste for healthy and fair competition even on modern bikes.

This year, we at Taurus also took part in this competition whose values ​​we continue to recognize ourselves in, year after year. On Saturday 1 October , in fact, our Edoardo made us witnesses of an extraordinary performance along the Gaiole in Chianti route .

Edoardo, riding a vintage Taurus , crossed the most characteristic Tuscan landscapes , passing from vineyards to dirt roads and from castles to medieval villages. During the kilometers travelled, 800 meters of altitude difference were overcome .

As we expected, the event turned out to be a perfect experience to rediscover " the beauty of effort and the taste of enterprise."

We hope to be able to participate again in 2023 in this authentic and exciting sporting competition, together with our team and our handcrafted bicycles.

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