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Taurus at the “First Bicycle Festival”

The North Lake Bike Fest was held at Palazzo Gallio, on Lake Como, on 15 October : the first event dedicated to cycling and organized in collaboration with the cycling tourism areas of the area.

Taurus participated in the event open to the public, which was created with the aim of enhancing the existing and important union between culture, nature and cycling. 

The day took place giving local companies and bodies and interested private citizens the opportunity to:

  • see parades of vintage bicycles ;
  • discover the history of the bicycle starting from the relics of the Ghisallo Museum up to contemporary models;
  • participate in exhibitions both outside and inside the Lombard Palace;
  • take part in a round table dedicated to the projects of the main partners and local supporters of the event.

During the event, there was no shortage of moments dedicated to networking aimed at outlining new collaborations and projects for our brand for 2023 .