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Taurus Milan Bike Tour - Design

On Thursday 10 November we organized our first "Milan Bike Tour" , a defined experience to rediscover the artistic and architectural heritage of the city, riding our Taurus.

Journalists, influencers attentive to mobility and a sustainable lifestyle and bloggers active in local events and initiatives were invited to the event.

Starting at 12, Luciano Galimberti (president of the Industrial Design Association) guided us on a cultural journey between Piazza del Duomo and the ADI Design Museum .

The stages of the guided ride were, in order:

  • The Piccolo Teatro Zanuso, born from the collaboration with Giorgio Srehler;
  • The Aquarium, in Art Nouveau style;
  • The Park Library, designed in '54 by architects Ico Parisi and Silvio Longhi;
  • The Triennale, the palace of art;
  • Torre Branca, originally “Torre littoria”;
  • The Vittoriano Viganò, a project for the overall redesign of the Sempione park;
  • Piero Bottoni, the building which reaches a height of approximately 64 metres;
  • Casa Rustici, built in the 1930s.

The tour concluded with a visit to the ADI Design Museum , followed by our Light Lunch .