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Taurus 1908 becomes a "Historic Brand": the history and excellence of the Italian company in the world of two wheels

A century of entrepreneurial activity has been recognized with inclusion in the Register of Historic Brands, an achievement that fills Taurus with pride and rewards the constant efforts that the company has made in guaranteeing its customers high quality products.

Taurus 1908 has officially become a "Historic Brand". This prestigious recognition, granted only to a selected group of companies, testifies to the history and contribution that Taurus has given to Italian entrepreneurship.

Founded by engineers Vittorio and Umberto Fabbri, Taurus has always stood out for the quality, elegance and innovative technical characteristics of its models. Success was decreed in the 40s and 50s, a period in which Taurus established itself as synonymous with luxury and travel bicycles.

In the 1950s, the Fabbri brothers sold the company to Mr. Fassi, who expanded the brand's offering by dedicating himself to the production of motorcycles and transferring production to the Vanzaghello plant.

After having been a protagonist through the history of the 20th century, Taurus renews itself in 2017, always maintaining the passion and tradition that have made it famous.

Thanks to a new team, it continues to innovate the world of two wheels on a daily basis, proposing new creations with a contemporary and sustainable feel, without ever forgetting its roots.

The title of "Historic Brand" is granted only to companies traditionally linked to the territory that have registered the trademark for at least 50 years or for which it is possible to demonstrate the continuous use of the trademark in association with their products or services for the same period.

Being included in the Register of Historic Trademarks of National Interest at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office is an achievement that makes Taurus proud and repays the daily commitment and dedication invested in offering its customers quality and excellence.

We can say that Taurus has contributed to making the "history" of Italian entrepreneurship, maintaining over time its original vision which has allowed the company to emerge in its sector: giving added value, quality, always guided by a strong vocation for progress and innovation. The registration in the Register of Historical Brands is the right reward for the history of the company which began a century ago and which continues to do its part, offering its customers the best experience in the world of bicycles.