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Corinto Woman

City bike








With the basket, the basket holder is always included



Double Easel
Wooden hoop

Assisted Pedalling

ZEHUS 250 WATT motor with a power of 40 Nm; Autonomy of approximately 40 km in Turbo mode, 60 km in Economy mode; The motor recharges itself using the KERS; Lightweight 3 kg; Integrated GPS; Dedicated Smartphone APP; Battery charger included; Possibility of locking the wheel in the event of theft.

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With its elegant, timeless design, Corinto will make you feel like you're strolling through a park even when you're simply heading to work. Equipped with piston rod brakes, branded brake levers and armored fenders, Corinto is synonymous with reliability and functionality. The quality of the materials used, such as the Brooks leather saddle and tires in various colors, contribute to an unparalleled riding experience. The result is a bicycle that not only allows you to get around town safely, but also makes you feel special. With the Taurus 1908 Corinth, you can enjoy the experience of a bicycle that perfectly blends form and function for an unparalleled riding experience. If you are looking for a bicycle that represents the best of Italian craftsmanship, Corinth is the right choice for you. The frame of this bicycle is made of steel, jointed and brazed by hand to ensure maximum strength and durability. Braking is by classic rod braking, with brake rods made of solid 4mm rod. The “R”-shaped handlebars offer a comfortable and secure grip, with Taurus-engraved levers for a touch of style and customization. This bike is ideal for those seeking a handcrafted, durable and classically designed product.

Technical details

Tyre 26 x 1 3/8 - 700x35
Wheel dimensions 28" wheels
Circles R anodized glossy
Rays Stainless Steel
Fork Steel
Brakes Wand plunger
Hubs League
Knob Rubber
Saddle Brooks
Carter Full R
Easel double stand
Pedals taurus pedal + black pedal + wood pedal
Height 26" 3/8 H.49, 28" H.53
Marches Gear Hub
Colour White + black + diplomatic blue + taurus gray + taurus green + cream
Material Jointed steel
Accessories wooden hoop + taurus bell + bell + baskets (no. 3)
Assisted Pedalling Yes

Taurus bicycles

Taurus Italian bicycles are the result of craftsmanship handed down over more than 100 years of history. We have been producing quality bicycles since 1908, making passion and commitment the cornerstone of a 100-year success story. The attention to detail designed and crafted with skill and the quality of the materials used are the main features that distinguish Taurus Italian bicycles.
Customisable in every detail in true Made in Italy style and made with the utmost care, our bicycles are unique creations designed to satisfy those who make beauty and attention to detail the cornerstones of their lifestyle.

Taurus Italian bicycles are made with steel frames, through the braze welding technique that joins tubes and joints solidifying the two pieces in an indissoluble manner. Steel has always been considered the material of choice for making frames due to its characteristics of resistance and elasticity to impact.

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