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The beginning

Founded by engineers Vittorio and Umberto Fabbri, the Taurus is completely made in Italy, in the Milanese factory located in the Vigorelli area.

The Taurus models immediately stood out for their quality and elegance, standing out thanks to highly connotative technical features, such as the rod brakes and the curved pedals characterized by the typical six blocks, considered a distinctive sign of the most luxurious and avant-garde models for the time.

The success

The 40s and 50s decreed the definitive success of Taurus, whose creations established themselves for elegance, essentiality and resistance.

The first historic shop in Milan, located in Piazza della Repubblica, was joined by the new store in Via Maiocchi in 1945. Taurus becomes synonymous with travel luxury.

In the mid-1950s, the Fabbri brothers handed over the company and the brand to Mr. Fassi, who had already been producing bicycles for decades. These are the years of the economic boom and Taurus expands its offer, also dedicating itself to the production of motorcycles and transferring production to the Vanzaghello plant.



After having been a protagonist through the history of the 20th century, in 2017 Taurus renews itself, without ever giving up the tradition that has made it successful.

A new team, the same passion as always.

From the mechanics of the rod brakes to the sustainability of the electric movement, the new Taurus offers creations with a contemporary feel, innovating the world of two wheels, without ever forgetting its roots.