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Descrizione Tecnica

The Taurus Imperial is also equipped with a series of high quality accessories, including a comfortable padded and adjustable saddle, pedals with non-slip grip and ergonomic grips. This bicycle is available in different sizes and colors, to perfectly adapt to the height and style needs of each user. Additionally, the Taurus Imperial is easy to assemble and ships 90% assembled to ensure a stress-free purchasing experience. Choose the Taurus Imperial for a safe, comfortable and fun driving experience on every occasion. This bicycle is a true handcrafted jewel. The frame, brazed by hand, was made with great care to guarantee a unique driving experience. The race-style stem and oversized 28" 2" wide tires provide greater stability and comfort on the road. Brooks leather grips and saddle add a touch of class and comfort. For safe riding even at night, the bicycle is equipped with LED lights.
Tire 28x2
Wheel size 28" wheels
Circles Polished anodized
Rays Stainless steel
Fork Steel
Brakes Aluminum caliper front (drum brakes optional)
Hubs Rear with integrated gearbox
Knobs Brooks
Saddle Brooks
Carter Strip
Easel Aluminum side
Pedals taurus pedal + retro aluminum pedal + wooden pedal
Height H.49 + H.53
Marches 1V + 3V gear hub + 3V Gear Hub Drum
Color White + black + diplomatic blue + taurus gray + taurus green + cream
Material Joined steel
Accessories wooden circle + Taurus bell + bell + houses two Taurus laces + baskets (n.3)
Assisted pedaling Yes