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Lightning FID x Taurus Woman
Lightning FID x Taurus Woman
Lightning FID x Taurus Woman
Lightning FID x Taurus Woman

Lightning FID x Taurus Woman

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Taurus embraces the cause of the Italian Diabetes Foundation , which raises funds for research
of a cure for type 1 diabetes, the autoimmune disease that mostly affects children
and which at the moment cannot be definitively prevented or cured
( ).
With the aim of raising funds to finance research, a special bicycle was born: the
30% of all proceeds from sales will go to the Foundation and therefore to the best
research in Italy and around the world to cure this disease.

With the purchase of a Saetta FID x Taurus Donna, €296 of the total will be donated to Italian Diabetes Foundation !

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Zona Tempi di spedizione Tipologia
Nord italia 3 Giorni Pronta Consegna
Centro Italia 4 giorni Pronta Consegna
Sud Italia 5/6 giorni Pronta Consegna
Isole 5/6 giorni Pronta Consegna
Australia 5/8 giorni Pronta Consegna

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  • Nord: Valle d'Aosta, Liguria, Lombardia, Piemonte, Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Emilia-Romagna
  • Centro: Toscana, Umbria, Marche, Lazio
  • Sud: Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria
  • Isole: Sicilia, Sardegna e isole minori
  • Australia: La bici acquistata verrà spedita smontata con all’interno le istruzioni per l’assemblaggio, contattaci per richiedere video dimostrativi per l'assemblaggio della bici. Il prodotto verrà spedito una scatola delle seguenti dimensioni: 30x70x125

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Descrizione Tecnica

The Taurus/FID bike has the frame of the classic Taurus "Saetta", but is customized with i FID logos and in the choice of light blue color, symbol of the fight against type 1 diabetes. Exclusive also the combinations with the color of the saddle and grips. Bicycle is available both in the men's and women's versions. Buy the FID/Taurus bike and finance the search for a cure for type 1 diabetes! Don't think that the Saetta is just a city bike: its high profile, racing-style rims also make it a perfect choice for lovers of speed and performance. Its lightness and agility allow it to accelerate with great speed and responsiveness, offering an exciting and engaging driving experience. You don't have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy the Saetta: the elegant, well-balanced frame offers a stable and comfortable ride, while the padded saddle and ergonomic grips ensure optimal comfort even during the longest pedaling sessions. Choose the Saetta if you are looking for a unique and exciting bike, perfect for those looking for elegant style, maximum comfort and a fast and snappy riding experience. Our handcrafted bicycle has a double barrel steel dovetail frame, welded with the TIG technique to ensure maximum resistance. The racing profile rims give the bike an aerodynamic look. The Shimano Ty 300 gearbox guarantees high performance in every situation. For your safety, the bike is equipped with LED lights. Discover the quality of a one-of-a-kind handcrafted bicycle.
Tire 700x35
Wheel size 28" wheels
Circles League 28 high profile
Rays Stainless steel
Fork Steel
Brakes Aluminum caliper
Hubs League
Knobs Faux leather
Saddle Montegrappa Lyra
Carter Steel Club
Easel Aluminum side
Pedals Lightning pedal
Height 28" H.49cm
Marches 7V
Color Sky blue
Material Joined steel
Accessories Doorbell