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Descrizione Tecnica

Piston rod brakes, branded brake levers and armored fenders are just a few of the elements that set the Corinto apart. Thanks to these details, you can be sure that your bicycle will be reliable and always perform at its best. But Corinto is not just a functional bicycle - it is also a work of art. The timeless aesthetic of the bicycle is enriched by details such as the Brooks leather saddle and tires in various colors that will create an elegant and sophisticated contrast. With the Corinto by Taurus 1908, you can enjoy a bicycle that perfectly combines form and function. If you are looking for a high quality bicycle with a classic design, Corinto is the perfect choice for you. This bicycle features a handcrafted and brazed steel frame to ensure maximum strength and durability. Braking is of the classic rod type, with solid 4mm rod brake rods. The ""R"" shaped handlebar guarantees a secure and comfortable grip, while the Taurus engraved levers give a touch of customization and style. If you are looking for a handcrafted, resistant product with a classic design, this bicycle is ideal for you.
Tire 26 x 1 3/8 – 700x35
Wheel size 28" wheels 26" wheels
Circles Polished anodized
Rays Stainless steel
Fork Steel
Brakes Rod-shaped piston
Hubs League
Knobs Eraser
Saddle Brooks
Carter R integer
Easel double easel
Pedals taurus pedal + black pedal + wood pedal
Height 26 3/8 H. 54CM / 28''H.56 CM / 28''H.60CM
Marches 1V + 3V gear hub
Color White + black + diplomatic blue + taurus gray + taurus green + cream
Material Joined steel
Accessories wooden circle + bell taurus + bell
Assisted pedaling Yes